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Recruitment Services


We are the serving professional consultancy in Dubai and deployed recruitment services for various sector. One of the key aspects of our recruitment services is the quality team of consultant that is here to make your business their own.


The scope of the services we provide is very extensive, from the sourcing of suitable candidates, through our established network associates and contacts. Our consultants are highly experienced and regularly take the time to keep themselves up to date in the sector that they specialize in.



We recruit variety of skilled and semiskilled positions. With a mission to provide recruitment management services and outsourcing services to diverse sectors across all verticals. ANS recruit from Pakistan, India, and Nepal.


We are specialized in recruiting:

  • Administrative and Support staff

  • Security Personnel

  • Cleaners/Housekeeping staff

  • CCTV Operators

  • Helpers/all trades

  • Carpenter

  • Mason/Electricians/pipe fitters/plumbers

  • Technicians

  • Driver

  • All kind of Laborers

Recruitment Consultancy


ANS Consultancy has been providing the assistance of efficient manpower recruiting services of local manpower supply. We provide skill and semi skill personnel as per your requirement. We operate in a number of sectors and market segments and are therefore able to assist with a wide range of recruitments requirements. The role of a recruitment consultant is sales orientated, although it also involves helping individuals and organizations.

Recruitment Process
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