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Static Guarding


Our security guards are all professionally trained, highly visible, and in smartly dressed uniforms. We will provide you with a safe and secure environment in which to operate, continuous cover, regular updates, reports and service evaluations.

Manned Guarding


Our guards are trained to use portable radios (walkie talkies), writing reports, searching, manning entry and exit barriers, access control patrolling sites and all other manned guarding duties that may be required.

CCTV Operators


Our CCTV operators are all trained in CCTV monitoring and are able to deal with any incident that may occur on your premises. They can monitor a threat, issue audio warnings, track intruders and call the local police, if necessary.


CCTV monitoring is a cost effective visual deterrent. Using our CCTV security staff to watch your security cameras will reassure the public's confidence and will provide the best form of evidence to bring criminals to justice. The benefits of using security cameras are endless.

Security Services


Our services are not limited, we provide high quality security services to client throughout the Dubai using our highly trained and skilled security guards.


We provide total security solution from advisory, need assessment, evaluation, customized training, deployment, and routine check up for service level maintenance.


Our security firm covers a variety of security services including but not limited to Manned Guarding, Retail Security, CCTV Monitoring, Event Security, and Security Mobile Patrols. We provide security services for:

  • Shopping Malls and Showrooms

  • Hotels and Condominiums

  • Schools and Universities

  • Residential Buildings

  • Office Complexes

  • Hospitals

  • Supermarkets

  • Industrial Premises

  • Convention Centers

  • Facilities Management

  • Exhibitions /Special Events

Alarm Services


Our highly trained security guards will be able to inspect any problems, secure the premises if necessary and reactivate your alarm system. The alarm response and key holder security officer will not leave the premises until it is totally secure.

Retail Security


The presence of a retail security guard in your shopping malls, shopping centre in smarty dressed uniformed and having radio communication with store staff, is a great deterrent and a comfort to the store staff. The retail security guard deployed will be highly trained to deal with any violence or threats of violence that may occur.


All our retail security guards that are deployed for your shop security are carefully chosen to make sure they are suitable for the retail security environment they are being deployed to and we will always update there training to enable them to do there work correctly.

Bouncer Security


We provide experienced and trained bouncer personnel for various clients including bars, nightclub, and event management companies. Our bouncers are well-trained to deal with people both physically and verbally and are versatile and energetic.

Security Training


Today’s security personnel must continually train on new techniques in order to stay abreast of new threats. Scheduled annual training guides must be setup to aid and protect your own security personnel. ANS can handle all your needs for updating personnel on all training areas while at the same time certifying and keeping up to date records internally.


  • 100% enrolled guards trained in fire fighting & basic first aid; certified by Dubai Police 

  • In-House training covering security & customer service

  • On-Site training upon deployment covering specialized training as per clients requirement


Some of the security trainings we provide include:

  • Basic Training

  • First Aid & CPR

  • Fire Safety Procedures

  • Use of Fire Equipment

  • Basic Driver Training

  • Radio Procedure Techniques

  • Proper use of CCTV and PVR recording devices

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