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Our Services

Our services are not limited, we provide high quality security services to client throughout the Dubai using our highly trained and skilled security guards. We also provide comprehensive facility management services encompassing installation, cleaning, maintenance and advisory services.


We provide perfectly fit security solution for building site (Commercial/ Residential), warehouse, shopping malls, Hypermarkets, event, Hotels, Hospitals, construction sites and more.


Security guards from our firm are highly trained and conscious for their tasks and at the same time aware of the need to provide the public convenience. They look after the needs of the public while providing you excellence service.

Facility Management


We always keep the cleanliness concerns of our customers on the top and work diligently to provide quality facility management services without causing any inconvenience to occupants in performing their normal and routine works.


Our facility management staff is drawn from an experienced pool and trained to carry out their assigned duties with utmost professionalism and hygiene.



Recruitment Consultancy


We are the serving professional consultancy in Dubai and deployed recruitment services for various sector. One of the key aspects of our recruitment services is the quality team of consultants that are here to make your business their own.


The scope of the services we provide is very extensive, from the sourcing of suitable candidates, through our established network associates and contacts.

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